7 myths about NRI Home Loan busted!

  At 18 million, the Indian Diaspora is the largest in the world. Many NRIs wish and intend to own a place in India, they can call Home. However, there are various myths and questions regarding NRI home loans which bog them. These arise primarily due to misinformation. Read on to bust these myths and plan your way towards your dream home. Myth 1: NRIs cannot buy property in India. Fact: This is one of the most common myths. Since you are an Indian citizen living in a different part of the world, you are very much eligible for NRI housing loans and property ownership except for agricultural investments. Myth 2: You are not eligible for long term loans. Fact: You are eligible for loans just like everyone else, provided you have a stable income and a good credit score. Myth 3: An NRI has to fly back to India to get their loans approved. Fact: There is no need for you to fly down to India just to sign the home loan application papers; it can be done by your power of attorney based out of I

Best Banks For Home Loans For Women In 2022

  Which are the banks from which borrowing would make better sense, as far as women home loan borrowers are concerned? We examine. If their improved financial standing puts women in a better position to become property owners all on their own, several government policies also aid them to reach this goal, early on in their careers. This is primarily done, by offering lower stamp duty and home loan interest rates to women buyers and home loan borrowers. Considering that 2022 may be an ideal time to buy a home with the help of housing finance, given the record low interest rates, women borrowers would find it even more affordable to buy their dream home right now. This raises the question: Which are the banks from where borrowing would make better sense for women home loan applicants? As the interest rates will always be the single-biggest influencer in driving the decision of a woman borrower, we have listed the banks that offer them the most affordable deals in 2022. While making the li

Vastu Shastra tips for office to bring prosperity at work

  People often try to make sure that their offices adhere to Vastu Shastra guidelines, to usher in luck and fortune. From maintaining cash flow to business stability, it is believed that Vastu can play a role in everything that you do in the office. In fact, if properly followed, Vastu can also bring financial prosperity and holistic well-being at your workplace. To help you with this, we delve into some important Vastu guidelines that you can follow at your office. Vastu for office: Tips for seating arrangement Office Vastu: Department-wise seating arrangement * As per Vastu shastra for office, entrepreneurs should sit facing the north, east or north-east, as these directions are said to encourage growth and new beginnings. * People who are in marketing or sales, should follow Vastu for office seating to gain maximum benefits. They must face the north-east direction, to ensure proactiveness. They can also sit in a north-west direction. * Account department officials should sit in the

Govt in final stages to approve property cards for flats registered under MahaRERA

  News | 25th May 2022 The scheme will ensure independent property cards for flats (vertical properties) with details of carpet area, amenity space, bank loan information and 7/12 extracts. PUNE: : The Maharashtra government was in the final stages of discussion and approval of the draft to issue property cards to flat owners for projects registered under MahaRERA, a senior revenue department official said on Tuesday. The scheme will ensure independent property cards for flats (vertical properties) with details of carpet area, amenity space, bank loan information and 7/12 extracts. The draft had drawn a lot of suggestions and objections and a committee was appointed to submit the views to the state before the scheme came into place. “The final draft has been submitted to the government and is likely to be approved in the Assembly session in July,’‘ said the official in the know-how of the proposal. The aim of starting the property cards is to map the vertical growth in cities and rural

Under Construction vs Ready to move in

  A question that usually troubles almost all home buyers is whether to opt for a ready-to-move-in house or book an under-construction one. Since both these property types serve and suit different purposes and intents, it is imperative to know their pros and cons in details. Here is a ready guide to help you take the decision. Under-construction property Buying an under-construction property has become one of the easiest ways to realise the dream of owning a home these days. This proposition in real estate comes with certain risks as well, the most common being delayed possession. Let’s have a look at the benefits and drawbacks associated with such properties. Ready-to-move-in property Due to the incessant delays in project deliveries in the last few years, home buyers have increasingly started preferring ready units. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the same. Advantages Under-Construction Property Easier on the pocket: An under-construction property does not hu